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      About Longjun

      Tianjin Longjun Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is a private enterprise in Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park.

      This Company is mainly engaged in the development of electronic products, as well as the production of computers, terminals and LCD monitors used therein, along with other computer peripheral devices; and undertakes the development of computer software and hardware, with the production capacity of over 100,000 displays per year. The products are sold to more than a dozen provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China, and used in many industries such as finance, railways, civil aviation, statistics and insurance. By virtue of the strong technical force and new product development capability, Longjun serves customers based on the principle of product quality- and market-oriented and constantly meet their new demands, so it is well received by customers.

      The Company has workshops covering an area of 2,750m2, equipped with a full set of modern production lines, advanced dust-free purification room, high temperature and normal temperature aging room, which provides a high guarantee to produce high-quality products for customers.

      We take our dedication to the information industry as a mission, and make efforts to contribute to the prosperity and development of the market!

      Efficient officing

      High-efficiency high-temperature, and normal-temperature aging room

      Dust-free purification workshop

      Contact Us

      Address: No. 4, Luoping Road, Nankai District, Tianjin (5/F, Block B, Sifang Building, Nankai Industrial Park)
      Tel:022-27614914 022-27645437


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